Apprenticeship in Trolldom & Nordic Spirituality

Personal teachings and training one on one. This is the option for people who have a passion for helping others and want to be able to work as a high quality professional practitioner. 

Trolldom Apprenticeship

What is the difference between the Apprenticeship and the Live Trolldom Course?

In the course you will get to learn techniques and procedures.

But some people are uncomfortable about showing their issues and experiences in a live group. In the one on one you get to discuss, get guidance and get over any personal experience or issue that may hinder you, scare you or something you may feel shame about.

In the one on one you get the chance to be guided by someone who can see what you are doing incorrect and get this corrected right away. This is invaluable when it comes to sensitive issues such as using second sight, working with spirits or casting spells.

In a group you cannot safely let the student experience how it feels to have various spells cast upon one self and then removed, or having someone send spirits to you and so on. In the apprenticeship we will go through all this so that the student gets personal experience of all these things within safe frames.  

In the apprenticeship you will get access to the archive after some time, so that you can watch and listen to all the techniques being described again.

One hour lesson per week over videolink and full access to asking questions during the week.  

The apprenticeship requires an application. Contact us for more information.


Application to Trolldom Apprenticeship.

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